Light Weight Quartz Counter Tops in Anola, MB

light weight quartz counter tops

The engineered honeycomb core makes this product very light weight and durable. This product is easily transported and carried onto job sites with less effort than regular Quartz counters. The cost of the material and installation time is significantly less than regular Quartz, with the same performance to the customer. All these benefits make this product an excellent value.

Honeycomb Quarts has been manufactured and sold in Europe and Asia for more than 10 years. The product has been well tested in the international market place and is now available in Canada. The engineering and science of combining long life materials into composite consumer products gives customers all the benefits of a hard durable counter surface with an economical lightweight core. Under mount sinks have a unique smooth transition. The cutaway photo above shows the engineered structure of the edge and the high performance core material.

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Cabinet Makers in Anola, MB

Cabinet Makers in Anola, MB

Springfield Woodworking is based out of the Springfield Hutterite Colony, a rural community of roughly 110 people located east of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Although the company’s 70,000-square-foot shop is home to 60 employees and can produce 100 to 150 cabinets a day, the cabinet business is only one of the community’s economic activities.

Springfield’s cabinet business embraces technology while at the same time valuing a long-standing woodworking tradition. “When we came to America, we were not farmers. We were craftsmen and tradespeople,” says Pauly Kleinsasser, general manager of Springfield Woodworking.
The woodworking operation started at Springfield in 1996 with hand-made furniture, then moved into cabinets, which became the complete focus by 2002. “We started our business with custom bedroom furniture, and we thought this will always be a hobby shop, but it grew into a massive business,” Kleinsasser says. “Quality, honesty, and having a sense of humor made this business grow into our livelihood,” he says, noting “we’re not afraid to spend money on technology.”

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